Monthly Archive June 2016


Military and Patriotic Sale

June 27th – July 9th all of our patriotic and military themed items will be an additional 10% off our already discounted prices! Discounted inventory includes presidential and military branch cars.  If you have a specific car in mind call us or send a message.

Military Branch Cars



July 10th Yard Sale

On Sunday, July 10th, Brady’s will be open for a special yard sale. There will be great discounts on old and overstock items and Christmas in July Deals in passenger, beer, holiday and other cars. Tables will be set up in the lot. This will be a cash only event.



Odin the Train Cat

It’s Monday again! And what better way to get over the Monday blues than to have a cat at work? Odin the Train Cat is making an appearance again at Brady’s!

He’s probably our best employee. Odin loves counting inventory, organizing shelves and files, but MOST importantly, he LOVES distracting his fellow coworkers. It’s his best skill.



Brady’s Train Ride!

Brady’s Train Excursion is under way! We’ve loaded the buses and are ready to take off for the Potomac Eagle in West Virginia! We’re going to be updating and posting photos all day long, on our Facebook, Instagram, and here on our blog. Myself, Genyne, Lauren, John, Freddie and Ricky are here to rep the Brady’s crew, along with a group of almost 80 customers, train enthusiasts, friends, and all around railroad fans.

We’re gonna have a great day!


Web mistress/AM


Robbery on the Brady’s Express!

We had an incident today… The villainous Pancho Beara, uh, “visited”, and by visited, I mean, tried to rob us.

Thank goodness for Buttercup, the town sweetheart and wrestler.


Indoor layout is ready to go!

In addition to the outdoor layout, we’ve been amping up the front window display.


Outdoor Layout Is Running!

We’ve been working on our outdoor layout – and it’s finally running!


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