New Steeler’s Display is Up


New Steeler’s Display is Up

We now have all of our Steeler’s Cars and accessories on display in the store! Steeler’s Training Camp starts on August 29th at Saint Vincent college which is just a short drive away from the store. The cars make great memorabilia for the players to sign! If you can’t make it in to the store, we also have cars on our Ebay.

Steeler's Inventory Display

Steeler's Superbowl Train Cars

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KathyPosted on10:39 pm - Aug 16, 2016

We noticed in your picture of Pittsburgh Steelers Item, in the bottom row on the right side you had Pittsburgh Steelers Train Tower. We couldn’t make out the name of it even when enlarged. We were wondering if you still have it available and if so the item number and the price of it. Also you had the Steelers Bus station up top and the HO Gauge Freight set and were wondering the prices on them as well. Thanks for your time.

    bradystrainsPosted on9:58 am - Sep 3, 2016

    All three items are still in stock. The Steelers Train Tower (30-90142) is $50. The Bus Station (30-90305) is $145 and the HO Gauge Freight Set (81-4007-1) is $150. Please let us know if you have any more questions!

Eric CuppPosted on6:08 pm - Nov 29, 2016

Just received my order of a super bowl 43 box car. Thanks for the prompt delivery and service. I currently have 3 and am always looking to complete the set and can’t wait to add number 7. I will continue l

Charles W.Posted on11:43 am - Jan 19, 2017

Hi, collected a lot of Steeler train merchandise thanks partially to your business. Thank you for that. I also have purchased a few items from your train displays in Monroeville. I am still needing the two train stations. The platform and the country station. Do you have any available ?

    bradystrainsPosted on10:49 am - Jan 28, 2017

    Hi, sorry for the late response. We are glad to know we’ve been able to help you get great Steelers trains! We have a passenger station platform #30-90214 for $29.95 and the bus station #30-90305 for $149.95. Are either of those the ones you are looking for?

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