HO Scale Layout-- Post 1 (10/28) Planning & Test Fitting

Posted by John Brady on

Starting our new HO DCC layout. This will be a 45" x 72" model railroad. Follow us through the build process to installation in the store.
Today's photos are from the planning and test fitting stage.

First, track planning was done with RR-Track software. (http://www.rrtrack.com/)

Below are the basic components needed for the first phase of construction.


To soften the layout edges, I drew radius cut lines using a simple string and sharpie.

Identifying the track length and curves while in the packs helps quickly find the needed sections.

After drawing the curves, it was time to begin placing track and working on the basic layout of the town. I noticed that a building was damaged. Even us seasoned model railroaded get damaged products! A simple fix is to super glue the stack back in place.
Super glue is one of a hobbyist's best friends. Repairing something, even new out of a box is part and parcel of the hobby.
Below is an image of the track laid out 
I used SketchUp to do some urban planning to help locate the streets and sidewalks for townhouses and Davenport. The bench work was designed in SketchUp (the free version)
These kits (below) will be fun to paint, assemble and weather in future posts.

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