Lionel 2327300 Aberdeen Carolina & Western Station Sounds Diner Big Book 2023 Preorder Limited

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Perfect to add on to your AC&W consist behind E or F units, this twin unit diner provides great accommodations!


  • Flicker-free LED lighting
  • Molded plastic interiors
  • Die-cast sprung trucks
  • Kinematic couplers for close coupling
  • Easy conversion to scale couplers
  • Flexible diaphragms
  • Accessible with LEGACY ™ TrainMaster Control system
  • Custom recordings featuring multiple characters allow you to recreate an entire rail journey - from departure to arrival at your final destination
  • Arrival/departure announcements, dining reservation calls and more inroute dialog
  • "Clickety Clack" sounds in motion


      • Rail Line: Aberdeen Carolina & Western
      • Gauge: O Gauge 

      • Power: Electric
      • Min Curve: O54
      • Dimensions: Length: 21"
      • Most Recent Catalog: 2023 Big Book