K-Line K-42441 Operating NYC Diner

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The origin of roadside diners can be traced along side the growth of railroad. Eating establishments sprang up at station stops, including some owned by the railroads themselves. As railroad travel declined in 1950s and car travel increased, old railroad cars were recycled into roadside diners. These diners feature paint schemes of your favorite railroad. Whether you choose Santa Fe, Pennsylvania or New York Central, these extruded aluminum diners will look at home on any layout. Featuring a decorated base, lighted interior with figures, a lighted sign and operating smoke unit, these nostalgic eateries will entices weary travelers to stop for a piece of pie and a cup of joe.

Accessory Features
• Aluminum Diner Body
• Lighted and Detailed Interior
• Smoking
• Lighted Sign
• Base 16" x 5.25"