Lionel 2327290 Union Pacific UP Station Sounds Diner Big Book 2023 Limited

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Union Pacific's excursion trains have been racking up the miles behind steam and diesel power all across the system and beyond. Easily among our most popular passenger car offerings, we're bringing back some early favorites along with some new roadnames for those looking to start or expand their consists.


  • Flicker-free LED lighting
  • Molded plastic interiors
  • Die-cast sprung trucks
  • Kinematic couplers for close coupling
  • Easy conversion to scale couplers
  • Flexible diaphragms
  • Accessible with LEGACY ™ TrainMaster Control system
  • Custom recordings featuring multiple characters allow you to recreate an entire rail journey - from departure to arrival at your final destination
  • Arrival/departure announcements, dining reservation calls and more inroute dialog
  • "Clickety Clack" sounds in motion


      • Rail Line: Union Pacific
      • Gauge: O Gauge 

      • Power: Electric
      • Min Curve: O54
      • Dimensions: Length: 21"
      • Most Recent Catalog: 2023 Big Book
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