Lionel 2331100 The Chessie GREENBRIER #612 Legacy BTO with 7 Chessie Passenger Cars 2022 V2 Limited

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      C&O President Robert Young envisioned a modern passenger service every bit the equal of his railroad's modern and efficient freight business. To fulfill this vision, the C&O placed a 48-car order to Budd in 1946 for a new premier train named "The Chessie." In addition to new equipment, the trains would feature such on-board amenities as credit card service, car hostesses, even a theater for the kids! Production delays held the train back until 1948. By then, the massive new steam turbine locomotives were already proving themselves too unreliable and the traveling public's preference for the automobile was taking a firm hold. The Chessie ran only a few months before quietly disappearing. Equipment was repainted and re-lettered in traditional C&O yellow and used on other trains. Streamlined Hudson locomotives also continued to serve on other priority passenger trains. There were many reasons for The Chessie's short tenure, but its memory endures as a testament to the pride, innovation and commitment of railroaders who continued to dream big. The Chessie may be a cat with 9 lives however! Most of the equipment would go on to serve other railroads and now it can live again on yours! In place of the troublesome turbines we're offering a special "what if" version of the C&O's Greenbrier 4-8-4. These modern locomotives would likely have become the power of choice for this premier train had it made it a few more years. Fast, powerful, and reliable, they were everything the C&O wanted for its passengers. A stylized Chessie version seems only natural!


      • LEGACY® Control System equipped – able to run in LEGACY® Control mode, in TrainMaster Command Control mode, or in Conventional mode with a standard transformer
      • Bluetooth® Control - Operate with Universal Remote or LionChief® App
      • Lionel Voice Control (LVC) - run your locomotive by speaking commands into your phone via LionChief® App
      • Odyssey® II Speed Control
      • IR Transmitter that works with LCS SensorTrack™
      • Whistle steam
      • Road-number specific details
      • Powerful maintenance-free motor with momentum flywheel
      • Wireless Tether™ connection between locomotive and tender
      • ElectroCoupler™ on rear of tender
      • Directional lighting including operating headlight and back-up light on rear of tender
      • Bicolor illuminated classification lights on the front of locomotive where applicable. Using a Legacy controller, change the color of the classification lights between white or green
      • Traction tires
      • Interior illumination in cab
      • Die-cast metal locomotive body, pilot, and trucks
      • Die-cast metal tender body and trucks
      • High level of separately applied metal details
      • Separately applied builder's plate
      • Synchronized fan-driven smoke unit
      • Adjustable smoke output
      • Authentically detailed cab interior
      • Cab "glass" windows
      • Engineer and fireman figures
      • LEGACY® RailSounds® sound system featuring:
      • CrewTalk™ dialog with different scenarios depending on whether the locomotive is in motion or stopped
      • TrainSounds that mimic operating dialog when the locomotive is in motion or stopped
      • Six official railroad speeds with CrewTalk dialog
      • DynaChuff™ synchronized with 32 levels of intensity as the locomotive gains speed
      • LEGACY® "Real-Time Quilling Whistle" control with instant response for realistic signature "quilling" and correctly timed warning signals - 5 different whistles to choose from for a more customized experience.
      • Single hit or continuous mechanical bell sounds - 5 levels of bell pitching for customized sounds
      • Sequence Control: plays the sound effects of an entire trip, including warning sounds and announcements, based on the movement and speed of the locomotive
      • Current speed and fuel dialog, coal or oil loading sound effects


          • Rail Line: Chessie
          • Road Number: 612
          • Gauge: O Gauge 

          • Power: Electric
          • Engine Type: Steam
          • Min Curve: O72
          • Dimensions: Length: 21 ¾â€
          • Most Recent Catalog: 2022 C2

           2327050 Chessie 21" Passenger Car 4 pack

          These "The Chessie" Passenger cars are the perfect addition to you're "The Chessie" LEGACY Greenbrier!


          • Flicker-free LED lighting
          • Molded plastic interiors
          • Die-cast sprung trucks
          • Kinematic couplers for close coupling
          • Easy conversion to scale couplers
          • Flexible diaphragms



          • Rail Line: Chessie
          • Road Number: 1,402,150,218,501,870
          • Gauge: O Gauge 

          • Power: Electric
          • Min Curve: O54
          • Dimensions: Length: 21" each
          • Most Recent Catalog: 2022 C2

          2327060 Chessie 21" Passenger Car 2 pack

          2327070 Chessie 21" StationSounds Diner