Lionel 2333419 Southern Pacific SP Black Widow SuperBass SD40T-2 #8529 Legacy BTO 2022 V2 PREORDER Limited

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THIS IS FOR PREODER. Anticipated ship date from Lionel is 2nd quarter 2023. Orders are due Thursday August 18, 2022.
      Developed to prevent overheating in the numerous tunnels and snow sheds along the Southern Pacific's route, only the SP and Rio Grande originally ordered the SD40T-2. The majority of the fleet passed into Union Pacific's hands before most were sold off to leasing companies and other railroads in the 2000s. Dozens are still in service today! For our latest release, Lionel is including Southern Pacific's "Speed Lettering" decoration which began appearing in 1992 as well as the "Kodachrome" SP-SF merger scheme that never came to be. We've also got some Susie-Q in this run - the locomotives have certainly wandered far from the California mountains. Last but not least, we've applied three what-if classic liveries to the model including the SP's own "Black Widow" paint as well as Santa Fe and Western Pacific variations. While maybe not prototypical, they are certainly plausible given the role these locos were built to play. Each paint scheme is available in two powered road numbers as well as a non-powered SuperBass unit to kick up the sounds in your consist. Detail and lighting packages vary by road name for even more variety!


      • Tuned for increased base sounds
      • Non-powered
      • No crew figures
      • Same lighting effects as comparable powered unit


          • Rail Line: Southern Pacific
          • Road Number: 8529
          • Gauge: O Gauge 

          • Power: Electric
          • Engine Type: Diesel
          • Min Curve: O31
          • Dimensions: Length: 17 1/4"
          • Most Recent Catalog: 2022 C2



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