Lionel 6-16752 Looney Tunes Marvin the Martian Missile Launching Flatcar BPA

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Produced by Lionel in 1997. This was part of a short lived Warner Bothers Looney Tunes series Lionel introduced in 97. All these special cars and accessories came in a classic 1940-50's style Looney Tunes cartoon box with the Bugs Bunny logo. One of the few times Lionel deviated from there classic orange and blue box printing in the LTI/LLC era. Car has classic 1950's Warner Brothers cartoon characters, Bugs Bunny and his nemesis Marvin the Martian on the Lionel missile launching flatcar(The Earth Stomper firing the Earth Disintegrator missile).

Features; Plastic flatcar with manual launching missile mechanism, plastic missile, die-cast metal sprung trucks, highly detailed rubber figures, and official licensed Warner Brothers graphics. Operating couplers and die cast trucks.


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