Lionel 6-18057 Century Club 671 Steam Turbine Loco and Tender with Display Case

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Lionel Century Club models were produced in limited quantities and only available for sale to Lionel Century Club Members. This has already become a collectors item and is in high demand by collectors who want the very best that Lionel made. Made in U.S.A. verified by the UPC Code.

The majesty, the power. Twentieth century American industrial ingenuity. All hallmarks of the Pennsylvania S-2 Turbine steam locomotive. From a completely new way of propelling a locomotive-steam turbine energy-to the overwhelming "wooosh" as it passed by, the Turbine remains a legendary icon of its day. Lionel's model first appeared in 1946 not long after the only real life version hit the rails, It too became a legend, this time on millions of Lionel empires around the world. The Lionel Century 671 Turbine continues the saga.

  • Powerfull Pullmor motor
  • TrainMaster Command Control equipped
  • RailSounds digital sound system with TowerCom and CrewTalk announcements, and more
  • Magnetraction
  • Brilliant headlight
  • Fan driven smoke unit
  • Instructions & paperwork
  • More!

Century Club Features

  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Reproduction blueprints from Lionel's archives
  • Century Club Boxes
  • Custom 28" X 8" display case with wood base and acrylic plastic cover

This engine is still in the original box. The pictures below are from the Century Club catalog and from a different one that we sold previously. It comes compete with the display case which is also in the original box.