Lionel 6-18064 New York Central NYC 4-8-2 Mohawk Steam Locomotive & Tender

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Here is a Lionel 18064 New York Central L-3A Mohawk Steam Locomotive & Tender still in brown shipping box. 

Features Include:

-AC Pullmor motor

-Puffing Smoke

-Command Equipped

-Infared Wireless Tether

-Die Cast Body

-Die Cast Frame

-Smoke Deflectors

-Die Cast Tender Body and Frame

-Die Cast Tender Trucks

-Working Headlamp




-Metal Handrailings and Grab Irons

-Electro-Coupler and Operating Back-up Lamp on Tender

 These were acquired as part of a lot. They have been inspected, tested and are ready for purchase. Has command and sound


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