Lionel 6-22918 Locomotive Premiere Edition 446 Backshop Building

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Not since Lionel introduced the #96 Manual Coal Elevator in 1938 has there been such a milestone in layout realism and fun. The Lionel Locomotive Backshop will captivate your imagination and enthrall your guests. 

Run a spur into the locomotive maintenance room. (The operating doors can be raised or lowered remotely.) The clearance is generous enough to accommodate your largest engines.

Once inside, activate the machine shop in front and watch the machinery come to life. Three industrial machine tools, each in active motion, create an industrial scene of incredible imagery. A virtual beehive of activity, the illuminated building is also equipped with the sounds of a real-life backshop, creating a multi-sensory experience that makes it easy to imagine you're in a place the railroading public seldom sees.

The walls and roof are beautifully lithographed tin plate. The roof can be lifted off, providing a direct view into the action below. Riveted on to the base is a commemorative plaque that says " Lionel Limited First Edition 1998 Locomotive Backshop". 

The Locomotive Backshop can be operated in a conventional mode or with Lionel TrainMaster Command Control. In TMCC operational mode, the smoke stack emits smoke.

Structure Measurements: Length: 27", Width: 12", Height: 9"

Door Opening Measurements: Height: 5-1/2", Width: 4-1/4"

For "O" Scale Trains.


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