Lionel 6-38300 Virginian Conventional FM Train Master Diesel (Yellow/Black) #2331

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The Virginian FM in stunning yellow and black. This locomotive is equipped with the same great features as the Lackawanna FM in the Thunderbird set.

  • Twin Pullmor motors
  • Electronic horn and bell with volume control
  • Equipped with die-cast trucks with operating couplers
  • Die-cast metal pilots and fuel tank
  • Electronic e-unit with Direction Lock
  • Dual headlights on both ends
  • Illuminated markers and number boards
  • Traction tires
  • Air hose connections on each side of front coupler
  • Big, six-wheel trucks with molded springs and hand brakes connections
  • Oil tank and compressed air tanks for brakes under the center of the car
    • Rail Line: Virginian
    • Road Number: 2331
    • Gauge: Traditional O Gauge 

    • Brand: Lionel
    • Most Recent Catalog: Lionel 2008 Train Catalog Volume 2