Lionel 6-83634 Keystone Command Control Smoke Fluid Loader

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Add smoke fluid to your steam or diesel locomotives with your Command Control system! Rotate the throttle on your CAB control unit to move the boom into position over your locomotive smoke stack. Once in position, dispense the proper amount of fluid in easy-to-control fluid drops at the press of a Cab remote button. Move the boom back in place by remote control and your locomotive is ready to roll!


  • Remote control function from CAB-1, CAB-1L, and CAB-2 includes:
    • Back and forth operation of boom arm
    • Fine-control release of smoke fluid
    • Fully programmable with individual ID number from 1-99
    • Large smoke fluid reservoir housed inside fuel tank
  • Command operation only
  • Building only, not locomotive


      • Gauge: O Gauge 

      • Scale Type: Traditional
      • Most Recent Catalog: 2016 Lionel Volume 2 Catalog