Marklin 8194 Yard track set T3 Z SCALE 1:220

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Marklin 8998 Turntable    Z SCALE 1:220

 This set includes 10 straight tracks, 1 double slip switch, 2 electric turnouts, 4 track bumpers, a control box, a distribution strip, wire, plugs and sockets, and instructions.

Info on the SET extension set program:

  • a progressive system with which you can expand track layouts from the starter sets 
  • The E 8190 or E 8191 is used to expand the 81530/81535 or 81562 set.
  • Systematically expand in any sequence desired with the T1 8192, T2 8193 and T3 8194 track extension sets.
  • The 81781/81785 starter sets already include the E 8191 track extension set  and you can then easily expand further with the T1 8192, T2 8193 and T3 8194 track extension sets.
  • The 8198 catenary set for S+E and 8199 set for T1+T2+T3 make it easy to add working catenary operation  so that two trains can be controlled independently of each other on a track.

Vintage from Western Germany.


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About Z scale: 

Märklin Z Gauge - "the Finest Made"
Connoisseurs appreciate Märklin Z as much as the most inveterate modeler: The charm of these finely constructed gems is best seen in the smallest of space. Because, this scale with all kinds of precision translated into 1:220 scale awaits you with almost unlimited operating enjoyment. It doesn't get any better. (Source: Marklin)

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SZ 6.21.2022