Menards 275-9032 Rocket Launching Tower O Scale Limited

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3, 2, 1 … Lift off! The Rocket Launching Tower by Menards

The mightiest rocket of the American space program was the majestic Saturn V of Apollo fame! Rising 363 feet into the air, the 6.2-million-pound giant could produce 7.6 million pounds of thrust - more than enough to transport three Astronauts to the Moon! Thirteen Saturn Vs propelled thirteen trips to the Moon!

The Rocket Launching Tower salutes the American space program and allows you to include a rendering of this technological marvel on your own O gauge layout.

The basics: This is fully assembled and decorated. There is illumination of the launch tower and red flashing warning lights on top of the structure. At the base of the rocket platform you’ll spot rapidly flashing red LEDs. Below the platform is a grate that house Menard’s water vapor "smoke" system. Carefully add water, and when power is applied, a visible torrent of vapor can be seen - simulating launch!

The Rocket Lunching Tower requires a 4.5-volt power supply sold separately (Menards SKU nos. 279-4061/4361, 4062/4362, or4050). Power may be applied through either a rear table-top plug in, or from below the building with a pigtail connector.

Why you need this: Okay, this is pretty cool in its own right, but if you have a military or space theme anywhere on your railroad, this is a natural addition to it.

The Launching Tower has an 8-¾ by 8-¾ inch foundation with a height of 16-½ inches. There is a complex array of structural support beams as well as conduits for electrical line or fuel for the liquid-powered rocket motors.

It has a massive tower structure with six levels. Five feature support arms reach out to the rocket. The rocket itself is a good model of the real thing. It is white, and decorated with black striping and an American flag. An Apollo capsule is up top, and you’ll find rudders and engine nozzles at the bottom.

The four rapid-flashing red LEDs warn folks that something big is about to happen. Then water vapor flows out at a rapid rate, suggesting the countdown is almost complete! Next stop, the Moon!

The Menards Rocket Launching Tower salutes our space program and a project for which every American can be proud!


  • Smoke unit under rocket to simulate takeoff!
  • Just add water! Water tank is located under the rocket.
  • CAUTION: DO NOT use locomotive smoke fluid. Smoke fluid will RUIN the electronics. Use distilled water only.
  • Saturn V rocket with authentic decals (13-1/2" long)
  • Prelit with over 40 LEDs including red blinking and flashing lights
  • Limited edition
  • Requires 4.5-volt power source (sold separately, Menards® SKU #279-4062, 4050)
  • Approximate Power Draw: 600 mA
  • Dimensions: 8-3/4"W x 8-3/4"D x 16-1/2"H