Menards 279-5927 Fire Station #9 O Scale

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A new home for your fire masters: O Gauge Fire Station No.9

The basics: This fire station has a brick architectural style that would be at home from the 1930s through today. The building has three vehicle bays (one closed) and features two animated fire trucks that move forward and back.

The roof has a landing pad, complete with LED lights, and fire fighters ready to climb aboard a helicopter with animated rotor blades. When powered, the copter’s blades slowly rotate. The building has an approximately 10 x 12-½ inch base with a downward sloping front ramp.

The building is designed for use with the Menards Plug & Play 4.5 volt power supply, sold separately. Check Menards SKUs 279-4061, 279-4062, or 279-4050. You may wish to consider the 8- or 9-piece Plug & Play accessory kits (SKU# 279-4035, 4681) and to serve multiple structures and vehicles. All are available separately.

Why you need this: Every train city needs a modern fire department with the latest gear, and this structure fills the need. The structure has a dark red brick design with gray trim. There is a three-level office/tower on the right side. This provides rooftop access.

The building is a designed for a fast exit for fire fighting apparatus and two trucks are in open bays ready to roll. When powered up, there are three flashing red lights above each truck bay. Look inside and you’ll see flashing red lights over the two fire engines. The trucks are animated with front and backward motion. The exit ramp has a concrete appearance with appropriate yellow and black safety striping.

Most eyes will be drawn toward the roof. There is a large red firefighting helicopter revving up for action. It is centered within a large yellow safety circle. "Safety First" isn’t just a slogan - the circle features red and yellow alternating lights on the helipad. Everyone needs to be wary of blades in motion!

Extra details include four firefighters and Jack the firehouse dog, who is hoping he will get a spot on a truck. There is an American flag on a pole, with illumination provided by lights in the base. Old Glory is visible night or day!

As your train city grows, keep public safety in mind! The Menards Fire Station is a perfect way to be ready for O gauge emergencies.

Dimensions: 13”W x 10”D x 9”H


  • Fully assembled
  • Prelit with over 25 LED lights, including flashing emergency lights
  • Animated helicopter with rotating rotor blades and helipad with alternating lights
  • Two animated fire engines that travel forward and back
  • Includes four fire fighters, flag and pole, and Jack the German Shepherd
  • Approximate Power Draw: 330 mA
  • Requires 4.5-volt power source (sold separately, Menards SKU# 279-4061, 4062, 4050)


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