MTH Premier 20-4129 New York Central NYC (Y2K) 2-Car 70' Madison Passenger Set Jerome M. Williams Diner: Robert E. Weaver

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Jerome M. Williams Diner: Robert E. Weaver goes with 20-4029 sold separately. 

- Durable ABS Intricately Detailed Bodies

- Metal Wheels and Axles

- Overhead Interior Lighting

- Die-Cast 6-Wheel Trucks 

- Operating Die-Cast Metal Couplers

- Colorful, Attractive Paint Schemes

- End-of-Car Diaphragms

- Separate Metal Handrails 

- Fast-Angle Wheel Sets

- Needle-Point Axles

- Detailed Car Interiors

- 1:48 Scale Dimensions

- Sliding Baggage Car Doors

- Detailed Car Undercarriage

- Operates On O-42 Curves



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