Spectrum 81605 New Haven USRA Light 4-8-2 Steam Locomotive & Tender HO Scale

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Spectrum 81605 HO Scale New Haven USRA Light 4-8-2 Steam Locomotive & Tender. This engine is DCC-ready, with a powerful can motor with flywheel provides plenty of pulling power. A hidden belt drive provides realistic see-through clearance between the boiler and frame. This also include knuckle couplers, plastic trucks and metal wheels and axles.

Drawing its roots from South Africa and first introduced in the early 19th century, the 4-8-2 or also commonly referred to as the "Mountain" type made waves when it first hit rail-ways thanks to a re-designed truck system that granted these powerful locomotives excellent stability when traversing at high speeds with passenger cars. Their practicality and reliability would not go unnoticed and the 4-8-2 quickly founds itself commissioned to rail yards across the world. The 4-8-2 has since moved on from rail yards and now several models can be found in various museums throughout the United States.

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