Walthers Mainline 910-19803 CSX Transportation #4831 EMD SD70ACe Locomotive - SoundTraxx(R) Sound & DCC -- (High Headlight; blue, yellow) HO Scale

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Product Information

* Limited edition - one time run of these roadnumbers!
* Model today's railroading at WalthersMainline prices
* One of the backbones of contemporary loco fleets
* Prototypes in service 2005 to the present
* Easily handles 18" radius curves (22" or larger recommended)
* LED Lighting includes:
- High or low headlight per prototype
- Working front ditch lights
* Fully assembled
* Factory-installed SoundTraxx(R) sound for DCC & DC layouts with:
16-bit digital quality sound
Horn and short horn toot
Prime mover
Three lighting functions
* Same powerful drive as WalthersProto(R) locos featuring:
5-pole skew-wound motor
14:1 gear ratio
Helical-cut gears for quiet operation and easy multiple unit operation
All-wheel drive and electrical pickup
Dual machined brass flywheels
Heavy die cast chassis
Constant and directional lights
* Molded drill starter points for grab irons (sold separately)
* RP-25 metal wheels
* Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers
First unveiled in 1992, the SD70 underwent a number of upgrades resulting in the more powerful SD70ACe introduced in 2005 with alternating current traction motors.



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