Zep Diner-- Lefton's Spectacular Vernaculars Roadside Delites USA Collection: HO Scale Building . SZ Limited

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ZEP DINER - from Lefton's Spectacular Vernaculars Series Geo.
Zoltan Lefton Co. Item #01617. Dated: 1994

Size : 8" long, 3.5" tall, 3" deep... Would work well with HO scale layout!

 "ZEP DINER - Who could resist stopping at this gleaming flying machine? We bet that even the Zep's pancakes were lighter than air. " 

Cast in solid resin, this piece weighs in at over 1 pound and boasts exquisite detail.

The ZEP DINER is 1 of 10 recreated in the Spectacular Vernaculars series. Produced in limited quantities, the entire collection was retired in 1995 and sold out soon after.

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The Zep Diner, like every piece in this amazing collection, was a real place, built in the late 1920s. It was located on Florence Ave in Los Angeles, CA, near the Goodyear Tire Factory.  A perfect example of direct programming architecture, in which the structure acts as a sign of what it's selling, the building had to be recognizable from the road at a fairly reasonable speed. The Zep Diner is featured in the book California Crazy & Beyond , by Jim Heimann, which focuses on many timeless structures through California and across the country.

Lefton's Spectacular Vernaculars was designed by David Stravitz for the Roadside U.S.A. collection. From the booklet: "David Stravitz is a recognized authority in re-creating historic replicas. He has been called 'a genius of detail' and has won commissions from world-renown institutions including the Smithsonian." Stravitz writes, "I did lots of research to get every detail of the Roadside Delites Collection perfect. It was as though I took a journey through Alice's looking glass. These buildings were the original Pop Art before such a category ever existed. Young and old alike looked forward to these eye-catching milestones as much as they did to their final destination. "Each piece in the Roadside U.S.A. Collection looks perfect with tiny cars and people in a railroad display or retro cityscape.

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