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Hi everyone!

We wanted to share with you our potential custom run lineup for this catalog. If you are interested in any of these please email us at to let us know! No commitment to buy, we are just trying to gauge interest, which will help us determine which custom runs to produce.  We'll be posting this as a separate post as well, to increase visibility. Please remember that our proposed custom runs have to be reviewed by Lionel and details may change based on what they can do.   Comments welcomed!  Scroll through! 

1. PRR Triplex  -- design finalized, already ordered, though still let us know if interested! We can likely up our order quantity if we receive more interest. Right now only 65 made. We already received 


Closeup of engine


2. Blue Comet 4-6-0 Passenger set-- Engine plus 6 wood-sided passenger cars  PROPOSED

Approximate cost $1,980 based on catalog pricing and 10% off MAP price -- this would be a great value with 6 cars!

We want to do this custom run, but we would need to make 100 of each pack! It's really important if you like this set to contact us! 

We have yet to come across anything like this in the Blue Comet scheme with wood-sided cars. 


Proposed Custom Run Brady’s Train Outlet Blue Comet 4-6-0 Legacy engine   #168
Period Fantasy scheme

Coloring scheme: using authentic BLUE COMET colors  Packard Blue and Royal Blue! 

      Use Packard Blue for roof, tender top .tender trucks, and other spots where noted

      Replace blue color to Royal Blue on main body and  where indicated  

      Packard blue grab railings on engine and tender 

      Pilot truck wheel centers Royal Blue & packard blue on sides of pilot truck frame

      Smokebox and firebox need to be a darker gray

      keep gold accent on cow catcher in front like on 2431640

      Use Jersey central logo like on 2431640

     Gold drive wheel and pilot truck outlines

Light in front, centered like from 2431660 in catalog

Retain gold accents wherever possible from 2431640, including on cab like shown in 2431640



We have developed this Observation car pack for reference based on 2427570-- the other car packs would be modeled on the B&O Royal Blue offerings 2427550 and 2427560 

We used lots of historical images to develop this period scheme for the wood-sided cars. These would be really fantastic to make if we get enough interest! 


Car names: Tralles--refers to Great Comet of 1819; Viscara--refers to Great Comet of 1901

Car coloring:

      Packard Blue roofs, cream stripe, and Royal Blue car bodies and ends

      Retain gold accenting where possible like on the Royal Blue set

      Packard Blue on bottom of cars and doors

 Replace city names on Royal Blue set with THE BLUE COMET spaced out and in a lighter shade of gold 

Gold accents on curtain in back

On observation car:

      We would like to do a printed version of the "NEW YORK AND ATLANTIC CITY" banner on the curtain

      Keep railing and step accents gold 

      We want to add a Blue Comet logo to the railing but are in discussion with Lionel over whether / how this would be possible. If not we will add the logo somewhere on the car. We want to use the original logo which is inversed from the common logo and more appropriate to the time period! 

 Historical photos included for reference! 


The other two car packs would have a similar design with the following notes;

Doors are solid packard blue on the baggage and combine but otherwise same color scheme as the observation car pack

Names (based on famous comets):

Passenger cars:
Donati (1858)
Messier (1769)

Baggage car
Newton (1680)

Coggia (1874)



3.   N&W H-7  Legacy PROPOSED


N&W fantasy scheme H7 2-8-8-2 locomotive
Blacked out design similar to 2431560 in catalog
Dogbox tender design from 2431590 in catalog
     N&W Tuscan Red accent striping on engine, tender, ladders, bearing caps, and steam cylinders
     Lighter red accent color on window in cab and tender dogbox
     N&W Gold lettering: on tender (Norfolk and Western), cab number (2402), and superheater in front (N&W)
Under number 2402 on cab, add ROANOKE in smaller font, italics similar to what is on the 611 cab
Replace builder plate with Roanoke Shops if possible


4. Legacy SD45 Chessie CSX heritage  PROPOSED 


CSX engine body with a Chessie System nose-- based on the graffitied engine from this past summer, a GP-40. We want to use this design on an SD-45 engine, with authentic CSX and Chessie colors and black truck covers. We think it will look fantastic and complement the other CSX heritage engines offered this catalog run. 




A.   UP hot box reefer

B.    Conrail  hot box reefer

C.    PRR reefer-- might make this into a 3 pack with other period designs

This reefer would be TUSCAN RED but we left it white here so you can tell it's wood-sided. 

This advertisement image will need to be adjusted for scaling onto the car. 

D.     UP TOFC Trailers with 20' trailers 

Possibly also a PRR wood-side caboose to complement our PRR triplex -- design forthcoming! 


If you are even potentially interested in any of these designs please let us know or they might not get made!!! Email us at, reach out on Facebook or Instagram, or call us at 724-838-8448.

Thanks everyone for supporting a small business!


  • YES! Interested in the Blue Comet Set and PRR Reefers, and UP Piggyback!

    John Hoover SR on

  • I would be interested in pass cars.

    Mark W on

  • I would be interested in the CSX Chessie

    Don Lambert on

  • I would be in for UP TOFC trailer

    joe on

  • The CR reefers would be nice.

    nick woodson on

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