About Us

John A. Brady has been selling model trains since the 1970’s. It started out of the basement of his own house, and worked its way through train shows. John traveled up and down the eastern seaboard of the United States, making connections and starting a brand for himself, Brady’s Trains. Everyone began to recognize the name, the game, and the charm that came along with John’s business strategies.

After so many years, the inventory he carried with him to various shows and states began to overflow in his house, his cars, and everything he owned. Upon realizing that he needed a physical store to set up shop, where he could run a day-to-day operations. John began to establish a physical location that housed a large percentage of his inventory, and to this day, it still is growing.

We are currently located on 1046 South Main Street, in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. This isn’t the first store location for Brady’s, but it has been, by far, the biggest, and most accommodating to a growing business.