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Wondering what all of the hype is about?

Lionel's 2023 Big Book O scale train catalog is out and preorders are due by February 13th!

We're here to answer some frequently asked questions about the Big Book!

1. Why should I preorder items? Why not just wait until they're available in store?

Many engines in the Lionel Big Book are built to order, so it is crucial that you place an preorder for the item(s) you are interested in purchasing.  We cannot guarantee availability for those who do not preorder the items. Every year, there are customers who don't jump on preorder items and end up missing the chance to purchase them.

This is especially true for popular Built to Order BTO items such as Legacy engines.

2. What types of items do I need to preorder?


You can preorder any of the items available in Lionel's Big Book catalog. If you do not see the piece listed, please call or email the store to place an order. 

The most crucial items to preorder are BTO engines (particularly Legacy engines). It it also a good idea to order car packs, as these can be difficult to find. Any item that says BTO should be preordered to ensure you will receive it.

Please note that preorder items are not yet available.  

Items with “Preorder” listed in the title and product description have been ordered by Brady’s Train Outlet but are not in the store yet as the manufacturer is in the process of making them.


3. What does Built to Order mean?

Built to order means that the manufacturer only produces as many items as are ordered. As a store, we have to order these products well before they are manufactured, hence the deadline for preorders. 

As BTO items are produced in very limited quantities, they often become hard to find later on.



4. What if I can't pay right away? Do you do layaway?

Layaways are approved on a case by case basis. Please call our store for the layaway policy and the required deposit amount.


5. When will I get my preorders?

Preorder items will be shipped when they arrive--however, there may be delays. An estimated arrival time is provided by the manufacturer. Please see Lionel's website for the most up to date information.

Preordering an item ensures that you will receive one--often, these items are in demand and go quickly once released on our store website.

Preorders are non-refundable.  


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