Lionel, MTH, Menards.... oh my!

Posted by John Brady on

How do you figure out which brand of model trains and accessories to buy?  A lot of train collectors will remain loyal to one brand, but many others 'mix and match,' choosing items based on rail line or theme instead.

One of our customers, David Kirkland, sent us these pictures of his layout. He said, "I started seeing new stuff and one thing leads to another and it got bigger. It has a mixture of track Lionel Fastrack 048 curves. MTH 031 curve circle. Tubular 031 and 027 track and switches for the sidings. The buildings are a mixture of MTH, old Lionel engine sheds, and Menards buildings . There are a total of 3 trains running."

Train layouts growing over time is very common, as collectors continue to add more newly released or older pieces that they come across.

There is no right answer to the brand dilemma! As you can see, this layout looks great, combining multiple brands and types of accessories. However, it is important to keep in mind that some items may not work with different brands-- for example, some Lionel accessories require Fast Track pieces to operate. 

Share your layout with us via Facebook messenger or email ( with a brief description, and we might feature it on the blog! 

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