Meet the Brady's Train Outlet Crew!

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Meet the Brady's Train Outlet Crew! 

Members of the Brady's Crew at York 2023

Anne Zemba has been working at Brady's Train Outlet since 2019. Anne got her first train set when she was 7 years old, a Tyco Bicentennial HO Set. Anne has a Master's Degree in library science and worked in a community college library before joining the team at Brady's. Anne was instrumental in building Brady's Train Outlet's website and transitioning from E-Bay to the Shopify e-commerce platform. Anne's favorite part about being store manager is meeting customers. Instead of helping library patrons locate books, Anne now helps customers find the trains and layout accessories that they've been searching for! 



Steph Zemba has been working at Brady's Train Outlet since 2019. As the Marketing manager, Steph coordinates the store's online presence, including the updating the website and overseeing all advertising strategies. She also handles customer service for the online store. Steph has a Master's Degree in sociology and experience in graphic design. Steph's favorite part about model railroading is learning the historical background of the hobby and the connections between model trains and their real-life counterparts. Her first model train set was a Christmas gift in 2008, the Lionel 6-30087 O Gauge Area 51 Alien Spaceship Recovery Steam Train Set. 


Ben Zemba is the Logistics Manager at  Brady's Train Outlet. Ben is an avid model railroader and collects Union Pacific, Conrail, CSX, and PRR items. He has a background as a heavy equipment mechanic. Ben conducts repairs on some model trains and has a talent for design. In addition to layouts design, Ben helped create our most recent custom run, the Lionel  Vision Line UP Big Boy 4013. 

John Zemba is the Shipping Department Head at Brady's Train Outlet. He is responsible for packing and shipping most orders! John enjoys the model railroad hobby and his favorite set is the Coors Light train. 

Tyler Fauth is our inventory specialist at Brady's Train Outlet. He has worked at Brady's since 2020. He is a student at University of Pittsburgh Greensburg. 

Jim Klanica started collecting trains in 1963 at 5 years old. He collects Lionel O scale postwar to modern and is always on the lookout for unusual or hard to find pieces. He has been a customer at Brady's Train Outlet since 1999 and has worked here since 2014.

Jim designed and built his own layout, which has been featured in Classic Toy Trains Magazine


Henry Sobota has worked as a sales associate at Brady's Train Outlet for 17 years, after retiring from his job as a schoolteacher. Henry likes to say that he has been into railroading since the womb! His first train set was a Lionel 2026 engine set sold by Sears, a gift from his mother for Christmas in 1949-- but Henry wasn't born until February of 1950! Henry is a big Pennsylvania Railroad fan and he has a long family history of railroading. Both of his grandfathers and his godfather were railroad employes. 


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