New layout additions: Part 2

Posted by John Brady on

Follow along with us as we showcase our layout additions!  

Now that the basic contours of the layout are in place, we have been taking a section-by-section approach. This is an enjoyable way to do things because it allows you to add scenery and details throughout the project, rather than all at once at the end.

We started with this camping scene by the tunnel, as it would be easily visible to customers. We'll walk you through our process for creating this scene in the next post! 


We also just finished adding details to a pedestrian trail in the front of the layout.

We decided to add a wide variety of people walking along the trail, including families, dog walkers, and hikers. 

We also included some hidden scenes inside the tunnel portals: 


Remember, even if only you know the scenes are there, that shouldn't stop you from adding them!


Do you have any hidden scenes on your layout? Tell us in the comments below! 



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