New layout additions: Part 4

Posted by John Brady on

Continuing with the idea of storytelling on model train layouts, we wanted to share a few more scenes that we've been working on.

One scene is a hobo hangout. We found an abandoned-looking building and decided to turn it into a waystation for train-hopping hobos! 

We added figures from Woodland Scenics and from layout purchases we've made (see our Used Item Showcase!

We attached figures using scenic accent glue. Stay tuned for the finished house!  We are working on adding lighting.

The next scenes are the hidden scenes we mentioned in a previous post. Can you make out what's happening in this scene?

A woman is being held up by a criminal while the rest of his gang rush for the getaway car! We added graffiti to the tunnel for realism. The figures were obtained from a layout purchase. 

The other hidden tunnel scene is more supernatural:

A zombie approaches a man who went into the tunnel to drink. Oh no!

The last scene we'll spotlight is a family barbeque in the backyard. This Woodland Scenics set certainly adds charm to any layout!

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Share your layout with us-- we love to see what our customers are up to! 



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