New layout additions: Part 5

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Next up for our layout-- we are now starting to work on a street of row houses. Look at our progress! 

We left a cutaway section to allow us to work on the layout. It will be covered up by a mountain later on.


The buildings so far are from Weaver, MTH, and Lionel. We will be adding Woodland Scenics and Menards buildings as well. There are so many options to choose from! 

We also added a store: 

We weathered the houses to look more realistic. There are many tutorials for how to do this available online. 

 These row houses are perfect to invoke a company town-- and on our layout, they are now renovated into stylish new homes! You can see this style of home all across Western Pennsylvania and beyond. 


As you can see, we have added some detailed scenes in the backyards of the houses. In one backyard, a girl is flying a kite. In another, there is a family having a barbeque .

At another house, workers are making repairs, including on the roof! We also have started to add vehicles. 

Towards the top of the street, we added a small church with a graveyard. You can find this style of church made by MTH and Lionel. What a cool addition! These graves are part of a pack from Woodland Scenics.  Don't forget to add pets


We created a scene at the church in which the minister is practicing to give a sermon, while a group of power company workers are fixing a broken light. 

We added power lines to the layout-- these are available from Woodland Scenics. Shop all O scale figures here and buildings here.  

Another section we are starting on is either going to be a cow pasture or a campground-- we're still testing out some ideas! 

What do you think? Would this field look better as a cow pasture or camping area? Tell us in the comments below! 


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