Our 4013 Vision Line Big Boy has arrived!

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Last night, we held an unboxing party at our store to celebrate the arrival of our #4013 custom run Lionel Vision Line Big Boy! This engine was made exclusively for our store, and only limited quantities remain.

The #4013 was a real engine made for the Union Pacific Railroad in 1941 by ALCO. The Union Pacific Railroad was looking for an engine powerful enough to handle steep mountain grades at higher speeds, while pulling freight. The #4013 made its last run on July 21, 1959, after which it was retired and sold for scrap due to the replacement of steam locomotives with diesel models. The #4013 was one of 25 Big Boys that were scrapped.

historic image of 4013 big boy

For our custom run, we wanted to imagine what #4013 might look like today, if it hadn't been relegated to the scrap pile. We added the iconic "Big Boy" chalk name on the front of the engine and removable smoke shields that have the American Flag and "Building America" written on them. This is the only Big Boy available with these symbols.

Big Boy 4013 custom run Brady's Train Outlet
Our engine looks stunning with a silver stripe on the side all the way to where the engineer sits. The tender has stripes on top and bottom, and it says Union Pacific with the UP symbol. The bearings on the tender and steam chests are outlined in silver. 

Big Boy 4013 side view
engine no. 4013, the first run of the custom big boy Bradys train outlet  

The best feature is the 4013 cab plate on the floor where the engineer sits-- this is unique among Big Boys this run. We're the only one that has it!

4013 cab plate

Check out these videos of the engine's first run


:Here is a closer look at the details on the engine:


Our Big Boy is absolutely stunning! We are so excited to begin sending these beauties out to our preorder customers this week. Please tag us in any videos or posts you make-- we'd love to see your reactions!

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