Store Display Remodel: Part 1

Posted by John Brady on

We have been hard at work here at Brady's Train Outlet remodeling our in-store layout. This is a total redesign, including changing the track configuration, wiring, and scenery. We have been taking pictures to document the process.

First, we removed all of the old track and prepared to lay down new Atlas track.

We then cut wood to make additional layers of track.

We also added a pull-out control drawer.

The new layout will have four levels of track, including one that is at the ceiling level.


We will give more updates soon on our progress. Stop by the store to check it out!

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  • Looks like it’s going to be some layout my layout is5x24 going to be needin more track after Christmas going to add another 4/8 also I need an Mth o gauge passenger steam tender Santa Fe

    Jim Knavel on

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