Second-Hand Bargains

Used Item Showcase

Along with selling new toy trains, we also purchase and resell used model railroad items. Every used item is in excellent condition, and we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of unique model train cars and toy train accessories. If you’ve been searching for that one unique, discontinued model train car, Brady’s Train Outlet is just the place to look! We know that every train has the right buyer that will give it a home, and we love to hear from customers who have been searching everywhere for a specific model train car and find it here on our site. You can order any of our toy trains and toy train accessories online or over the phone. If you are looking to sell toy trains, contact us today and we’ll talk with you about pricing.

Whether you’re looking for affordable toy trains or searching out that perfect new-to-you addition to your set up, we bet we have what you’re looking for! Model railroading is a hobby that can last a lifetime, and the used items that we sell are a testament to the love and care that has gone into these trains. Browse our toy train collection and order yours today.

These items qualify for any promotional code that is currently available so be sure to use it.