Brady's Train Outlet Custom Run Lionel 2426840 Pennsylvania Lines / PRR Vision N6B Cabin Car Caboose #44113 Limited PREORDER

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Brady's Train Outlet Custom Pennsylvania Lines / Pennsylvania Railroad Vision N6B Cabin Car (Caboose) 
This is a great complement to our PRR triplex custom!
We envision that if the PRR triplex had been created, it would have hauled coal/ ore from the Great Lakes to Pittsburgh area.
Pennsylvania Lines is "Lines west of Pittsburgh" (PRR division)
The car number is the zip code for the PRR terminal in Cleveland (now closed)
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Easily the most recognizable and popular rail car of them all, the little red caboose is as much a part of our folklore as it is railroading. The wood "crummies" of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries endured for decades. Even after steel cabooses came along, hundreds of these older cars stayed in service on railroads large and small. "Nonrevenue" cars may not have been a high priority for replacement by management, but their care and upkeep was a matter of both pride and comfort for the crews who used them. We're sure you'll take pride too in having one of these "woodside" cabooses bringing up the markers on your railroad. Cars feature detailed illuminated interiors and marker lamps, cupola brakeman figure, die-cast trucks, operating couplers, and added VISION features to enhance your caboose even further.
  • LED Interior illumination
  • LED Marker lights
  • Die-cast trucks
  • Operating couplers with hidden tabs
  • Easy conversion to scale wheels or couplers (not included)
  • Separately applied details
  • Figure in cupola
  • ElectroCoupler
  • Track IR equipped
  • RailSounds equipped:
  • Plays freight sounds in motion
  • User-activated crew dialog
  • User-activated air whistle
  • Max/Min switch
  • Volume control
      • Rail Line: Pennsylvania
      • Gauge: O Gauge 

      • Power: Electric
      • Min Curve: O31
      • Dimensions: Length: 9"