Lionel 6-37086 Lionelville Classic Fish Aquarium Car #37086

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The Lionelville Aquarium Co. transports its freshwater tropical fish to home aquariums across the country. Watch as the fish appear to swim past the windows.
  • Tropical fish decoration on circling interior belt appear to swim inside car
  • Operating couplers
  • Interior illumination
      • Rail Line: Lionelville
      • Road Number: 37086
      • Gauge: Traditional O Gauge 

      • Brand: Lionel
      • Min Curve: O-27
      • Dimensions: Length: 10 1⁄2”
      • Most Recent Catalog: Lionel 2013 Signature Edition

      Please note:

      The film on all aquarium cars will stick from time to time, due to storage or prolonged inactivity. As per the instructions that come with the car,  it will require manual advancing of the film after you remove the train car's body.