Lionel 2327310 20th Century Limited 21" 4 Pack Big Book 2023 Preorder Limited

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Widely considered the greatest passenger train of all time, the 20th Century Limited had already established a reputation when the New York Central upgraded the train in 1938. A new fleet of cars complemented the streamlined Hudson locomotives, providing an all new image from the pilot to the tail of the observation car. The all-Pullman, all-room luxury train included a pair of dining cars which doubled as night clubs after dinner service. While agents sorted the mail in the RPO, passengers could enjoy a hair cut, a cocktail or simply savor the view from the spacious lounge seating. Lionel's new rendition of this train includes new tooling for the RPO, dining and distinctive observation cars. Also included are Pullman Standard 10-5 and 4-4-2 sleepers appropriate for the 1938 consist. This run of cars will feature the 1938 as-delivered New York Central paint scheme including the blue accent stripes and Pullman lettering. Because the 20th Century wouldn't be complete with just one dining car, our StationSounds diner includes two cars - one with sounds and one without - to match the consist. Cars will feature 4 or 6 wheel trucks as appropriate, full-width diaphragms, flicker-free LED lighting and kinematic couplers. Don't let the train of the century pass you by!


  • Flicker-free LED lighting
  • Molded plastic interiors
  • Die-cast sprung trucks
  • Kinematic couplers for close coupling
  • Easy conversion to scale couplers
  • Flexible diaphragms


      • Rail Line: New York Central
      • Gauge: O Gauge 

      • Power: Electric
      • Min Curve: O54
      • Dimensions: Length: 21" each
      • Most Recent Catalog: 2023 Big Book