Lionel 2126101 Southern Railroad Roof-Hatch Boxcar #26922

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Beginning in the 1960s, several railroads began converting 40' boxcars for bulk loading use by adding loading hatches to the roof similar to a covered hopper. Unloading was more challenging than a covered hopper, but it accommodated shippers who were not set up to receive bottom-outlet cars. And it allowed the boxcar to be used in other services when not needed for bulk loading for better year-round utility on seasonal goods. Typical products included clay and grain and these cars could be found in many areas of the country. Add this unique service to your railroad with these new cars!


  • Die-cast trucks
  • Operating couplers with hidden tabs
  • Easy conversion to scale couplers and wheelsets (available separately)
  • Opening side doors
  • 6 or 8' Youngstown or Superior Doors per prototype
  • Separately applied details including non-operating roof hatches


      • Rail Line: Southern
      • Road Number: 26922
      • Gauge: O Gauge 

      • Min Curve: O36
      • Dimensions: Length: 11 1/4"

      01312024 BTOUP