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This revolutionary command base brings control of all Lionel engine command types to a single controller of your choosing. Symbolically modeled after the Hell Gate Bridge in New York City, the new Lionel Base3 bridges the gap between LEGACY, TMCC, LionChief+2.0 and now LionChief, LionChief+, FlyerChief and of course conventional locomotives from a single controller. The Base3 is compatible with the Legacy Cab2 or Cab-1L hardware remotes as well as the new Cab3 APP for Android or Apple smart devices.


  • Your choice of controller - Built-in Wi-Fi for full Base3 functionality with the Cab3 APP & compatible with the Cab2 or Cab-1L remotes.
  • Control the new VISION LINE Class A with 4-digit addressing using the Base3's Destiny radio and the Cab3 APP!
  • VISION Class A also includes the Legacy radio for control with a Cab-1L or Cab2 remote.
  • Control Lionel Legacy, TMCC, and LionChief+2.0 engines through the Base3's Legacy radio
  • Control Lionel Bluetooth LionChief+, LionChief, and FlyerChief engines through the Base3's Bluetooth radio
  • Control Lionel RF LionChief+, LionChief, and FlyerChief engines through the Base3's RF radio
  • Layout Control System: 3 PDI ports for expanded LCS use. Built-in circuit monitoring to protect the Base3 from PDI short circuits
  • Memory module support - Included writable module to easily transfer your engine roster from your Base2 to your new Base3. Reads older Legacy engine orange modules.
  • Wi-Fi Base3 firmware updates using the Cab3 APP


      • Dimensions: 10.3” L X 5.4” W X 2.6” H
      • Most Recent Catalog: 2022 Big Book

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