Lionel 6-21753 1998 Lionel Exclusive Service Station Set

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Lionel 1998 Exclusive Service Station Set, O-Gauge, model 6-21753 Lionel 1998 Service Station Fire Rescue Exclusive Train Set, O-Gauge, Model No. 6-21753

Lionelville Fire Company's Fire and Rescue Training set is equipped w/ Command Control and Railsounds.

Six piece set has a length of 65 1/2".

  • Firecar.Classic has a pullmor motor, flashing light, movable fireman, die cast frame, magnetic operating coupler and traction tires.
  • Firefighting instruction car has a wire tether to the Firecar, bell and siren sound, command control, diecast modular trucks and magnetic operating couplers
  • Searchlight car has an illuminated removable searchlight that extends up to 4 feet, diecast modular trucks and magnetic operating couplers --
  • Ladder car has a flashing strobe light, rotating fireman, telescoping stamped metal ladders and magnetic operating couplers --
  • Flat car with water tank has stamped metal platform and ladders, diecast modular trucks and magnetic operating couplers --
  • Rescue caboose has a flashing red strobe light, illuminated interior, fireman figure,removable stretchers and oxygen tanks,diecast modular trucks and magnetic operating couplers.

This is factory sealed and has never been taken out of the box. Plastic wrap still on it.  The 2015 Book Value is listed as $500