Lionel 6-29300 50th Anniversary Clear Shell Aquarium Car

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Celebrate 50 years of underwater splendor with this collector’s version of the famous Lionel Aquarium Car. Featuring a unique clear body shell, the inner workings of this renowned car can be viewed while operating. As with the earliest postwar version of the #3435 Aquarium Car, this car is decorated with a gold ring around the molded “L”. It also features improved seascape background art inside the car that more closely duplicates the original.



  • Fish decoration on circling interior belt appear to swim inside car
  • Die-cast metal trucks and operating couplers
  • Powerful maintenance-free motor with ON/OFF switch
  • Interior illumination
  • Metal frame


    • Gauge: Traditional O Gauge 

    • Brand: Lionel
    • Min Curve: O-31
    • Dimensions: Length: 10 ½”
    • Most Recent Catalog: Lionel 2009 Volume II

    The film on all aquarium cars will stick from time to time, due to storage or prolonged inactivity. As per the instructions that come with the car,  it will require manual advancing of the film after you remove the train car's body.