Lionel 6-37911 Rio Grande Blinking Light Water Tower O Scale Damaged Box

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Product Title:  Lionel 6-37911 Rio Grande Blinking Light Water Tower O Scale  DB

Manufacturer:  Lionel

Scale:  O

Condition: New

TCA Grading Standards: 

Item: C-9/C-10, Mint or New condition: Item is in new condition

Box:  P-5 Good    P-5 Good: Items show substantial wear. Moderate abrasions, creases and/or folds; moderate tears and losses. Moderate color changes, staples may be rusty or replaced. May have been repaired with archival tissue and adhesive.*

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Manufacturer Information:

  • Realistic blinking red light on top of tower


      • Rail Line: Denver & Rio Grande Western
      • Gauge: Traditional O Gauge 
      • Brand: Lionel
      • Min Curve: O-27
      • Dimensions: 13 3/16” height
      • Most Recent Catalog: Lionel 2011 Ready-To-Run