Lionel 6-39203 6464 SERIES X THREE PACK

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Forty years after the Western Pacific 6464 boxcar was first produced, a series of reproductions of the entire Postwar 6464 line was begun. From 1993 to the present, all the classics, from the State of Maine, to the Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel, to the Timken Roller Freight, have been offered in the order in which they were first introduced. Now, in 2001, the final installment of 6464 offerings take the stage.

New Haven, Alaska and New York Central join with their predecessors to close one of the most beloved series in Lionel history. Don’t miss this opportunity to put the finishing touches on an American classic as you may never see these cars again. Hurry, before the curtain drops for good.

  • Die-cast sprung trucks and operating couplers, Stamped metal frame, Metal brake wheels and door guides, Detailed molded bodies
    • Molded Plastic Body
    • Stamped Metal Frame
    • Metal Brake Wheel
    • Metal Door Guides
  • Die-cast metal sprung trucks

1x house 2x bay 8D

      • Rail Line: Mixed Road Names
      • Gauge: Traditional O Gauge 

      • Brand: Lionel
      • Min Curve: O-27
      • Dimensions: Length: 10 1/4"
      • Most Recent Catalog: Classic Trains Vol. 1 2001

      04262023 x1 house x2 bay 8D