Marklin 82430 Bulk Material Dump 3 car Set Z SCALE (1:220)

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Märklin 82430 Bulk Material Dump 3 car Set 

 Prototype: 3 German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) type Fas 126 dump cars.

Model: Cars come with different car numbers. Models not available separately. Total length 181 mm / 7-1/8*.

Background:   "In 1993 the Blankenburg Research and Development Facility (FEW) presented the prototype of a new efficient, four-axle dual side dump car, the type Fas 126. Starting in 1994 the German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) purchased a total of 250 of these cars. The most important use for these bulk freight cars was the transport of construction materials for the modernization of the infrastructure in the reunited Germany and specially for the transport of debris and material for the large construction projects in and around Berlin. The large loading capacity of 59 metric tons, the ability to dump on both sides of the car, built-in pneumatic cylinders and automatic control of the unloading hatches are the most important features of this new type of bulk freight car. These cars are used in unit trains and can be run at a maximum speed of 100 km/h or 63 mph." 


Stock photo used. Box may be worn or discolored due to storage but this is new merchandise.


About Z scale: 

Märklin Z Gauge - "the Finest Made"
Connoisseurs appreciate Märklin Z as much as the most inveterate modeler: The charm of these finely constructed gems is best seen in the smallest of space. Because, this scale with all kinds of precision translated into 1:220 scale awaits you with almost unlimited operating enjoyment. It doesn't get any better. (Source: Marklin)

Made in Germany 


SZ 1.3.22