Marklin 8724 8725 8726 SET Red Express Train Passenger Cars Z SCALE (1:220)

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Märklin  8724 8725 8726 Matching SET Red Express Train Passenger Cars    Z scale

8724:   Express Train Passenger Car. Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) type Avmz 111. 1st class.

8725:  Express Train Passenger Car.  Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) type Apmz 121. 1st class.

8726: Express Train Dining Car (Speisewagon)  Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) type WRmh 132.

Cars are red and beige with silver/gray roof.  

Length over the buffers approx 5" long

Stock photo used. Box may be worn or discolored due to storage but this is new merchandise.


About Z scale: 

Märklin Z Gauge - "the Finest Made"
Connoisseurs appreciate Märklin Z as much as the most inveterate modeler: The charm of these finely constructed gems is best seen in the smallest of space. Because, this scale with all kinds of precision translated into 1:220 scale awaits you with almost unlimited operating enjoyment. It doesn't get any better. (Source: Marklin)

Made in Germany 


SZ 1.3.22