Marklin 87901 S-Bahn Knorr Spaghetteria Car Set. Z SCALE (1:220)

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Prototype: 3 German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) S-Bahn cars with advertising for Knorr Spaghetteria across the sides of the cars. 1 type ABx 791 S-Bahn car, 1st and 2nd class. 1 type Bx 794 S-Bahn car, 2nd class. 1 type Bxf 796 S-Bahn car with engineer's cab, 2nd class.
 Model: Headlights / marker lights on the cab control car are maintenance-free LEDs. All cars in a special version. Not available separately. Total length 343 mm / 13-1/2*.

production years 2001-2003


About Z scale: 

Märklin Z Gauge - "the Finest Made"
Connoisseurs appreciate Märklin Z as much as the most inveterate modeler: The charm of these finely constructed gems is best seen in the smallest of space. Because, this scale with all kinds of precision translated into 1:220 scale awaits you with almost unlimited operating enjoyment. It doesn't get any better. (Source: Marklin)

Made in Germany 


SZ 1.3.22