Menards 275-9034 Caboose Coffee Shop O Scale Limited

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Coffee on the go! The Caboose Coffee Shop by Menards

If you want a cup of coffee when you’re on the road, you can stop by the mega-coffee chain and wait until the 18 cars ahead of you are served - or you can swing by Caboose Coffee for quick service and a tasty cup of Joe!

The basics: This is a fully assembled and decorated 11" x 5" structure that features a simulated concrete base, caboose structure for the shop, a vehicle at the drive through window as well as five O gauge figures. The model features interior and exterior illumination as well as Menard®’s water vapor "smoke" system.

Lighting requires a 4.5-volt power supply sold separately (Menards SKU nos. 279-4061/4361, 4062/4362, or 4050). Power may be applied through either a rear table-top plug in, or from below the building with a pigtail connector.

Why you need this: This is another compact building that tells a story: A railroad decommissions a caboose, it is bought by someone wanting to start up a business with a distinctive appearance, and, of course, they need to serve up a full-bodied cup of coffee. What better way to stand out from brick and chrome coffee shops than with a nostalgic bit of railroad history!

The building is well lit, and the red marker-lights on the caboose are as distinctive an "open" sign as you can find! The front entry has a few recently arrived boxes, and a thirsty customer stands next to Jack the German shepherd!

In the drive-through, a flashy vintage Dodge® pickup truck awaits an order! Nearby is small patio. It has three raised flower boxes with greenery in bloom. Two customers sit at a table, protected by a Caboose Coffee canopy! A server is carrying a tray with two fresh, hot brews toward them.

The shop’s 11" x 5" footprint makes this a great choice to place in that hard-to-fill spot on your railroad. The bright lights and distinctive caboose outline will make certain that this catches the eyes on even a well-built-up railroad.

This re-purposed railroad caboose has become a thriving hot spot for mobile caffeine fanatics, so be sure to add this to your O gauge city, where Caboose Coffee is the hometown coffee brand!


  • Working smoke unit on the roof - Just add water!
  • CAUTION: DO NOT use locomotive smoke fluid in your Caboose Coffee. Smoke fluid will RUIN the electronics. Use distilled water only.
  • Operating without water will not cause harm. All lights in the caboose will work but no smoke will come out.
  • Officially licensed 1957 Dodge Sweptside die-cast truck
  • Beautifully painted caboose body with lit interior and marker lights
  • Includes 4 figures, a table with chairs and umbrella, a bush and planters with flowers, and Jack the German Shepherd
  • Limited Edition
  • Requires 4.5-volt power source (sold separately, Menards® SKU #279-4062, 4050)
  • Approximate Power Draw: 447 mA
  • Dimensions: 11"W x 5"D x 2-3/4"H