Menards 279-6919 Arby's HO Scale

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A Happy Highway Stop: The Arby’s Restaurant from Menards

While the folks of Menardsville like riding the rails, they also enjoy hitting the open road! Whether you are halfway to St. Louis, or just scampering for a quick bite at noon, Arby’s is a favorite destination! Now you can add this to your HO gauge railroad and expand your dining choices!

The Basics: The is a fully decorated and assembled Arby’s restaurant that features contemporary Arby’s colors and graphics, and signage in the windows. The building measures 5-3/4"W x 5-5/8"D x 3-1/4"H and has a decorated base with sidewalk and drive-through lanes. The store has two entrances and a drive-through window. The building has interior illumination, and is powered by either a rear table-top plug in, or from below with a pigtail connector for use with the Menards Plug & Play 4.5-volt power supply, sold separately.

Check Menards SKUs 279-4061, 279-4062, or 279-4050. You may wish to consider the 8- or 9-piece Plug & Play accessory kits (SKU# 279-4035, 4681) and to serve multiple structures and vehicles. All are available separately.

Why you need this: Known for quality sandwiches, ranging from the traditional slow roasted beef sandwiches, to artisan beef and chicken meals, this venue will become a community favorite. The familiar, and strangely comforting Arby’s cowboy hat logo beckons hungry people through the doors.

The model features signage that includes the Enter and Exit signs. All the windows have frosted glass and suggest menu choices with miniature signs you can probably see in your local store.

The building is painted red, two shades of gray, with a touch of tan to boot! The overhang areas are red. The base is decorated with green grass and shrubs, and two sides have a brick façade. The "Wow Factor" is the alternating light from the Arby’s logos - visible in normal room lighting and especially attractive in dim light! You’ll be pulling in customer from your 1:87 scale Interstate Highway in no time.

Two lunch goers are entering via front and side doors, and Jack the German shepherd rests out front, hoping someone will drop a curly fry or two as they leave.

The HO gauge Arby’s is another attractive addition to your business district, and the compact footprint should easily fit into the background of your Christmas layout, or your regular HO gauge railroad!


  • Prelit with an astounding 30 LED Lights
  • Figures include two customers and Jack the German Shepherd
  • Additional details include enter and exit signs, four bushes, three Arby’s logos (lit from below) and two AC units
  • Limited edition
  • Approximate Power Draw: 320 mA
  • Requires 4.5-volt power source (sold separately, Menards SKU# 279-4061, 4062, 4050)
  • 5-3/4"W x 5-5/8"D x 3-1/4"H