Menards 279-8489 Metropolis Theater O Gauge

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Home of the Stars! The Metropolis Theater by Menards

Hollywood is known for big stars, epic stories, amazing adventures, and countless thrills and chills. Generations of Americans have made regular journeys to their local movie palace for a few hours away from the distractions of life. Menards has now added this staple of city life to its line of O gauge buildings: The Metropolis Theater.

The basics: The Metropolis Theater has a 14" wide by 6-¾ footprint, and the marquee rises to 10-¾ inches tall. This fully assembled and completely decorated structure is a classic two-story Art Deco design. It includes rectangular forms and curved ornamental elements evoking an earlier, more elaborate era of architectural thought.

The model features interior and external illumination. Interior lighting includes the box office, second floor office lights, and backlighting for small shops and ads for coming attractions. Exterior lights brighten the marquee with shifting colors for a dynamic color pattern. The exits had brilliant lighting from the end statuary.

Lighting requires a 4.5-volt power supply sold separately (Menards SKU nos. 279-4061/4361, 4062/4362, or 4050). Power may be applied through either a rear table-top plug in, or from below the building with a pigtail connector.

Why you need this: This is an amazing little time machine that takes you back to an era where movie theaters ran a few cartoons, a short feature, maybe the next chapter of a serial, and finally, The Big Show. Going to the movie was an event!

This isn’t simply a square building with a marquee attached, it was designed as a picture palace from the start! Both ends are topped a pair of rounded walls bracketing a mighty bit of statuary: A figure holding a giant film reel!

The wall trim is black, gray, and gold. The backlight is especially striking, outlining the shoulder, head, and crowns of the majestic figures. Below the reel is a cast in ladder and a bright safety light for balcony patrons exiting on the stairs immediately beneath.

On the sidewalk a crowd is beginning to form. Twelve patrons (plus Jack, of course), calmly await the end of the previous show. Until the box office opens, they can see gaze at shop windows featuring Carmel corn and candies inside.

The blue marquee rises over 10 inches and has the "The Metropolis" embossed in raised lettering. There are two rounded supports on each side of it. One is shaded green and the other red.

The outstanding visual factor is the pair of LED lights placed just below. Facing the Metropolis signage, they sequence through a series of colors. They bathe the marquee in a series of color changes from red, to green, to blue, and purple. While easily visible in normal light, it is particularly vivid in dim lighting.

The building has sturdy construction and the sides and rear have a weathered brick appearance. The left side has office windows while the right side has a second floor exit. Signage will warn you away from parking on that side of the theater!

Forget the guy in the blue suit and red cape, this will be the new star of your layout! The Metropolis is a classic design. It is a rare structure that could fit into any layout scene from Hollywood’s heydays in the 1920s to a classic film revival theater in the 2020's.


  • Fantastically lit with LED lights, including color-changing LEDs above the marquee!
  • Beautifully sculpted, hand-painted architectural details, done in an Art Deco design
  • Details include ticket counter, simulated storefronts, vintage movie posters, and much more!
  • Bustling sidewalk with 12 people, fire hydrant, and Jack the German Shepherd!
  • Limited edition
  • Requires 4.5-volt power source (sold separately, Menards® SKU #279-4062, 4050)
  • Approximate Power Draw: 160 mA
  • 14"W x 6-3/4"D x 10-1/4"H